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B.of.Q. H.O.G. Events


Please be sure to consult this page frequently, as rides and events may be added throughout the year. We look forward to your participation in any and all of these events as a member of H.O.G. and of course, where noted, all bikes are welcome

Quote from the official H.O.G. site - " Events - otherwise known as family outings"

The B.of.Q. H.O.G. chapter supports many of the officail H.O.G. charter of activities, including:

  • Monthly meetings: Have a great time with your friends while getting the latest chapter news.
  • Dinner rides: Ride to eat. Any questions?
  • Parades: A great way to show your Harley® Pride and give your local community something to roar about. Our chapter loves to show off their bikes!!!
  • Observation runs: A chance to ride and learn. The Quinte area is very beautiful come and see!!!
  • Toy runs: A popular activity that provides toys to sick or needy children.
  • Holiday events: Parties, group visits all sorts of holiday fun.
  • Safe Rider Programs: When enough chapter members complete accredited courses, H.O.G.® awards special recognition. Please see our sponsor for this activity
  • Charity events: Our chapter volunteers and sponsors many charity events
  • Volunteering: Our chapter volunteers for many community events and in chapter activities
  • You can do anything from helping at an event to becoming a chapter officer.
  • Rides: Short rides, long rides, even overnight adventures building memories and stories to tell. Isn't that what it's all about, our chapter does them all!!!

Ladies of Harley

Calendar Events for 2018

please contact our activity officers for details!!!