Chapter # 9025









B of Q HOG History

Our Chapter (#9025) was first registered with HOG on June 28, 1988. At that time, the Sponsoring Dealer was Roy Miller and the FIRST Director was Ian Money. The name chosen for the Chapter at that time was QUINTE LOYALIST HOG CHAPTER.

Chapter # 9025 held its first meeting January 1990 at Roy's Cycle World in Bayside.

The second meeting was held on February 21, 1990 at the Trenton Dufferin Centre.

On February 22, 1990, the Director of the Chapter was Bernie DeWitt, and the name of the Chapter was changed to BAY OF QUINTE HOG CHAPTER.

By May of 1990 the meeting place had been changed back to Roy's Cycle Word in Bayside.

In 1992 Duck bought Roy's Cycle World and the name was changed to Heritage Harley-Davidson.

Heritage Harley-Davidson closed in late 1993 and then Kingston Motosport Plus sponsored us. Motosport Plus has remained our sponsor through to the present.

From September 1993 through January 1998 we held our meetings at The Golden Griddle Restaurant in Belleville .

February 1998, our monthly meetings were  held at The Big Rock Cafe in Glen Miller, they are now (2017) at Tommy's Tavern in Trenton.


Directors of the Bay of Quinte HOG Chapter
Year Director Year Director
1988 Ian Money 1989  
1990 Bernie Dewitt 1999 Roy Todd
1991 Rick Pratt 2000 Roy Todd
1992 Bernie Dewitt 2001 George Tymchuk
1993 Bernie Dewitt 2002 George Tymchuk
1994 Bernie Dewitt 2003 Dirk Kupar
1995 Bernie Dewitt 2004

Dirk Kupar

1996 Grant Bloomfield 2005 Dirk Kupar
1997 Don McGlashing 2006 Skip Solomon
1998 Don McGlashing 2007 Skip Solomon
2008 Barry Dafoe 2009 Barry Dafoe
2011 Paul Tehonchuck 2011 Barry Dafoe
2012 -2017 Clarence Reid