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Welcome to Bay of Quinte Harley Owners Group

Ontario, Canada

Our Quinte H.O.G. chapter has been chartered since June 1988, and every year brings different personalities, with different talents and directions of interest, with an ever changing, improvement to the group's activities.

What is a Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.)?

Harley-Davidson® established the Harley Owners Group® in 1983 in response to a growing desire by Harley® riders for an organized way to share their passion and show their pride. By 1985, 49 local chapters had sprouted around the country, with a total membership of 60,000.

Rapid growth continued into the 1990s, and in 1991 H.O.G.® officially went international, with the first official European H.O.G. Rally in Cheltenham, England. Worldwide membership numbered 151,600, with 685 local chapters.

As the '90s continued, H.O.G. hysteria spread into Asia, including new chapters in Singapore, and Malaysia. By 1999, worldwide membership had hit the half-million mark, and the number of local chapters totaled 1,157.

Today, nearly a million members make H.O.G. the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle organization in the world, and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. New chapters are now forming in the former Soviet Union as well!

What does the future hold? No one can say for sure, but from here the road ahead looks long, wide open, winding, and scenic – with lots of new friends to make along the way

If you are in the Quinte Area drop in ...visitors are always welcome!!!

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