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MotoSport Plus Kingston

Kingston Harley Owners Group

Perth HOG Chapter

Peterborough Harley Owners Group

Durham Harley Owners Group

Ottawa Harley Owners Group

Note from their site: is an organization dedicated to non profit fund raising for charitable organizations in need of support. Through our close knit brotherhood of motorcycle riders They make fund raising a fun and prosperous event while supporting your cause. They do not accept all requests for a fund raising rides. Therefore, you must submit your request

Note from their site: The OLD DOGS are a non profit group. They are a bunch of good down to earth motorcyclists who love to ride. Their goal is to have fun and ride, help raise money and do charitable events to help out groups like the Quinte Humane Society.

Note from their site: Ride for Local Charities Hosting rides in and around Hastings & Prince Edward County to help raise money for local projects, committees, schools and organizations

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Harley Davidson Canada

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