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B of Q HOG Stories, Monologues, Dialogues, Ramblings and other Persuasions


Welcome to a new section in our Website. This section is for any type of story or other document that we would like to share with all our members. This could include stories of just about any length, some important announcements and other odds and ends.

Please submit your ramblings to the executve first for approval, thanks.

  • Intellectual Property Release form - this is something the execs would like all members to take a look at to see if it is something we can use to protect our group from any kind of intellectual material fraud law suits - In these days even taking a picture of a person's barn on their property without their permission can lead to problems - yea maybe I am just being way too over cautious, but take a read anyways and let us know the next meeting ..please

Intellectual Release form doc